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About Green Airlines

The slogan “Your individual and green airline” has a history, as we have been passionate about flying for a long time. We have already been active in the consulting environment for many years and have accompanied clients in an advisory capacity in the implementation of their digitalisation strategies or in the realisation of their business ideas. We have therefore travelled a lot in various regions of Germany as well as in Austria and Switzerland – a lot also by plane. Making these business trips green was hardly possible. And this is exactly where Green Airlines comes in.

As a virtual airline, we work together with partner airlines to operate flights. We provide the ticket sales area and take care of the technical background processes, as well as the execution of our concepts. The actual air transport of passengers is then carried out by third parties via charter.

We always think innovatively, act regionally as a matter of principle, are different, always take care of things individually and are thus as climate-friendly as possible.

Customer service

In general, you can process your bookings independently via our website. Do you need help? We are here for you and will support you with all your travel needs.

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Sie wollen wissen was es Neues gibt?

We fly green

Over time, a negative impact has become apparent here. On the one hand, the constant flying has not exactly made the personal CO2 footprint seem small. On the other hand, we could see a lot of potential for climate protection. In flying itself, there are limiting technical factors for each aircraft type that require a respective minimum of climate-damaging emissions. In order to be able to fly green, compensation must be made through sustainable climate protection projects. Looking at different target groups, climate protection is a main target group for us. We want to act as a whole. A constant validation of climate costs applies to each of our business activities:

We therefore want to operate as slim as possible and not reinvent the wheel, but redesign it in an innovative way. To do this, we draw on experience from other industries and transfer it to aviation in order to combine it with various sustainability concepts. Here, we use our expertise and transfer the concepts from other industries into a component-based technical ecosystem, which we create in cooperation with selected partner companies. The focus is on the regions. We use our network of contacts and our personal experience to identify potentials in the regions and align them with the Green Airlines approach. He is thus the product manager for the “Connecting Regions” area.

Finally, it is a common interest for us to make the product of flying more personal. Every passenger should have the possibility to adjust individual components of their own booking and not have to wait for a customer service to take over at some point. This is complemented by personalised offers that simplify the booking process for each passenger and go beyond the flight itself.

Our guiding principle


According to the common definition, one can act in a maximally climate-neutral way, both personally and commercially. Following this definition, commercial flying is always climate-damaging. Likewise, many processes in commercial aviation are analogous.


We need to change the “HOW” of flying. While every form of commercial transport is climate-damaging, all climate-damaging characteristics and processes can be reduced.


Our values aim for a commitment to the future of society and modesty. We want to give something back to the climate and the environment. In doing so, our spirit focuses on lightweight, individuality and innovation.


We want to support time-saving travel by enabling climate-friendly and conscious air travel. In doing so, we show transformation opportunities for airlines.


To fulfil our purpose, we want to achieve the best possible climate neutrality when flying. To this end, we create and maintain sustainable environmental projects. This is complemented by the use of digitalisation and automation in the company and in customer contact. As a result, we present a positive picture for aviation.


We put people and the climate in the foreground to establish fairness in all areas. We evaluate all our measures with regard to environmental and climate protection. We also see ourselves as responsible for the development of regions.