Climate Fairness



Enabling climate fairness

For us, climate fairness means constantly questioning and optimising our own actions. What ecological footprint are we leaving behind? How can we ensure that our children and grandchildren can live carefree after us?

At Green Airlines, we rely on two strategies: avoiding excessive emissions and compensating for them. On the one hand, we equalise the emissions that are caused through climate-supporting projects. Secondly, we reduce our emissions as much as possible through technological and regional concepts. These concepts have a very sustainable character in terms of the environment, society and the economy, and we are constantly reviewing and improving them. Our approach is therefore based on an exchange of industry-standard components for elements that will advance all of us and climate protection.

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We compensate more emissions than are generated by the individual flights and our corporate activities. To do this, we rely on solid partnerships with sustainable projects, but also develop our own. We focus not only on regional projects, but also on global ones. For example, in order to compensate for our business activities, we maintain a firm partnership with Naturefund (Naturefund). Of course, we already have some plans for offsetting our flights.


What better way to save emissions than by shortening transport routes? That’s why we work with local suppliers who provide you with sustainable products before, during and after your flight. You also have the option of using local public transport. This way, the climate and the region wins.


Advancing digitalisation and the concepts of the New Economy are giving us more and more opportunities to redesign climate fairness. We can constantly rediscover our offers and company processes under sustainability aspects. This gives you a completely new and exciting user experience. Try it out and see for yourself.


Passenger empowerment is extremely important. With us, you can help yourself to make booking adjustments right from the start. You don’t have to hang around in long and annoying telephone lines but benefit from our in-flight solutions.

If problems do occur that you can’t solve yourself, simply contact us.


Our goal is to provide individual offers for each passenger. In times of digitalisation, this is possible despite strict data protection. In doing so, we do not offer you as customers and passengers the individual offers and content that are the best for our business model, but the best for yourself.