Green turbo fleet

ATR 42

ATR 72

Climate-friendly flights

From 2021, Green Airlines will use several ATR turboprop aircraft for regional flights between Paderborn and Sylt, as well as for Karlsruhe and Berlin and other subsequent routes. Consequently, we are aiming at a compromise between time, load factor and emission avoidance. We aim to pay out the full compensation per flight to climate protection projects.

ATR 72 und ATR 42

The first aircraft we are presenting is the ATR72-500. It offers a relaxed and comfortable travel option to reach the entire DACH region in a short time and in a climate-friendly manner. In the current configuration, 70 seats are considered and selectable. For fewer passengers, we use the ATR 42 with 48 seats.

Technical data - ATR 42

Length: 22.67 m
Wing span: 24.57 m
Speed: 556 km/h
Max. Seats: 48
Max. Range: 1550 km
Max. Take-off weight: 18,600 kg;
Engines: 2 turboprop Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127F
Propeller: 6-blade Hamilton Standard

Technical data - ATR 72

Length: 27.16 m
Wing span: 27.06 m
Speed: 511 km/h
Max. Seats: 64
Max. Range: 1330 km
Max. Take-off weight: 22,500 kg;
Engines: 2 Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127F turboprops 2,920 hp (2,148 kW) each
Propeller: 6-blade Hamilton Standard