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Upcoming features for our booking system

We are constantly working on new features to make Green Airlines greener, more climate-friendly and more individual. To this purpose, we are working closely with our software partner and looking for new regional partnerships to optimise our offer for you as passengers. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors with new features that have long since arrived in other industries. We are able to implement many of these features simply because we are small and agile. With all features in combination, we provide a holistic mobility and regionality concept that is aware of its own impact on society, the environment and the economy and wants to anchor this awareness in the mindset of those affected.

Feature #1

The automatic use of public transport in the regions of the departure and destination airports.

Feature #2

Booking your tickets via Messenger. You can then book or adjust your tickets via a chatbot or our chat agents.

Feature #3

Design of the self-services so that you can also adjust your bookings at short notice and configure your individual travel experience.

Feature #4

Saving your shopping basket so that you can always travel with the same product configuration.

Feature #5

An affiliate system so that you as a trader can be commissioned for ticket sales online.