Is Jet2 a Good Airline? (My Honest Thoughts)

As a travel blogger, I am always interested in discovering new airlines.

Jet2 is an airline that I have recently flown with and I wanted to share my experience and give an honest review of the airline.

Jet2 is a British low-cost airline based in Leeds, England.

It operates scheduled and charter flights to destinations in Europe, the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands, and North Africa.

The airline has a fleet of over 70 aircraft, including the Airbus A321, Boeing 737-800, and Embraer 190.

Jet2 Airlines reviews Pros and Cons
Javier Rodríguez from Palma de Mallorca, España, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Pros of Flying Jet2

Excellent Customer Service

As an avid traveler, I have come to appreciate the importance of excellent customer service.

Jet2 is known for its friendly and helpful staff, both on the ground and in the air.

On my most recent flight with the airline, I was pleasantly surprised by the level of service I received.

From the moment I arrived at the airport, I was greeted with a smile and a friendly attitude.

The check-in process was fast and efficient, and the flight attendants were attentive and accommodating.

I was also impressed by the airline’s commitment to safety and security, with staff taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of all passengers.

On-Time Flights

Jet2 has a great track record when it comes to on-time flights.

On my most recent flight, we departed and arrived on time, with no delays or disruptions.

This was a refreshing change from some of my previous experiences with other airlines.

I was also impressed by the airline’s efficient boarding process, which made it easy to get on the plane quickly and without any hassle.

Comfortable Seats and In-Flight Entertainment

The seats on Jet2 planes are comfortable and spacious, with plenty of legroom.

On my most recent flight, I was able to relax and enjoy the journey without feeling cramped or uncomfortable.

The in-flight entertainment system also provided a great way to pass the time, with a wide selection of movies, TV shows, and music to choose from.

Affordable Prices

Jet2 offers competitive prices on its flights, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious travelers.

On my most recent flight, I was able to get a great deal on my ticket, which allowed me to save money and still enjoy a comfortable journey.

I was also impressed by the airline’s loyalty program, which rewards frequent flyers with discounts and other benefits.

Cons of Flying Jet2

Limited Destinations

Jet2 is limited in terms of the destinations it flies to.

For example, it does not fly to any destinations in the United States, meaning that if I want to travel to the US, I have to take a different airline.

This can be a hassle, as I have to plan my trip around the availability of other airlines.

Jet2 Airlines Review Pros and Cons, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


What is the cost of tickets on Jet2?

Generally, prices start from £19.99 for a one-way ticket.

Prices can be higher or lower depending on the route, time of year, and availability of seats.

What are the fees for checked baggage on Jet2?

Jet2 offers a range of checked baggage fees depending on the route and weight of the bag.

For most routes, passengers can check up to 15kg of luggage for a fee of £8.99 per bag.

Additional weight can be purchased for a fee of £12.99 per extra 5kg.

Does Jet2 have a loyalty program?

Yes, Jet2 operates a loyalty program called the Jet2 VIP Club.

This program offers members a range of benefits including discounts on flights, priority boarding, and access to exclusive offers.

What is Jet2’s baggage allowance?

Jet2’s baggage allowance depends on the route and ticket type.

For most routes, passengers can check up to 15kg of luggage for a fee of £8.99 per bag.

Additional weight can be purchased for a fee of £12.99 per extra 5kg.

Carry-on baggage is limited to one bag per passenger, with a maximum weight of 10kg.

Does Jet2 offer any promotions or discounts for booking flights?

Yes, Jet2 offers promotions and discounts for booking flights.

Jet2 frequently offers promotional discounts on select flights and routes, so it’s worth checking the website regularly for any special offers.

Jet2 also offers discounts for groups of 10 or more passengers, as well as discounts for students, seniors, and military personnel.

Additionally, Jet2 offers a loyalty program for frequent flyers, which allows customers to earn points for each flight and redeem them for discounts on future flights.

What is Jet2’s policy for changing or canceling flights?

Jet2’s policy for changing or canceling flights depends on the type of ticket purchased.

For most tickets, customers can make changes or cancellations up to 24 hours before the scheduled flight time.

Customers may be subject to a fee for any changes or cancellations made within 24 hours of the flight time.

Additionally, some tickets may not be refundable, so customers should check the terms and conditions of their tickets before making any changes or cancellations.

How comfortable are the seats on Jet2’s planes?

Jet2 offers comfortable seating on all of its planes.

The seats are ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort and are equipped with adjustable headrests and lumbar supports.

Jet2 also offers a range of seating options, including economy, premium economy, and business class.

Economy seats are designed for maximum legroom and comfort, while the premium economy and business class seats offer additional features such as extra legroom and reclining seats.

Does Jet2 have in-flight entertainment options?

Yes, Jet2 offers in-flight entertainment options on select flights.

Jet2’s in-flight entertainment system includes a range of movies, TV shows, music, and games.

Customers can access the in-flight entertainment system via their own personal devices, or they can rent a tablet from Jet2 for a small fee.

Additionally, Jet2 offers in-flight Wi-Fi on select flights, allowing customers to stay connected during their flights.

Does Jet2 serve meals on its flights?

Yes, Jet2 offers meals on its flights.

Depending on the length of the flight, passengers can enjoy a variety of hot and cold meals, snacks, and beverages.

For longer flights, passengers can also enjoy complimentary alcoholic beverages.

Jet2 also offers special meals for passengers with dietary restrictions such as gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian.

Does Jet2 offer WiFi on its flights?

Yes, Jet2 offers WiFi on its flights.

Passengers can purchase WiFi access for their flight and stay connected with family and friends or get some work done.

Jet2 also offers a variety of in-flight entertainment options such as movies, TV shows, and music.

Does Jet2 allow advance seat assignments?

Yes, Jet2 allows passengers to reserve their seats in advance.

Passengers can select their preferred seat online or through the Jet2 mobile app.

Passengers can also purchase extra legroom seats for added comfort.

Does Jet2 allow pets on its flights?

No, Jet2 does not allow pets on its flights.

Passengers are not allowed to bring their pets onboard the aircraft, with the exception of service animals.

Passengers must provide documentation for their service animals when traveling with Jet2.

How friendly and helpful is the airline’s staff?

Jet2’s staff are known for their friendly and helpful attitudes.

Passengers consistently report that the staff is polite and willing to go the extra mile to make sure customers have a pleasant experience.

Jet2’s staff have also been praised for their helpfulness when dealing with special requests and for their willingness to answer any questions customers may have.

Does the airline offer any special services for travelers with disabilities?

Jet2 is committed to providing a safe and comfortable experience for all passengers, including those with disabilities.

The airline offers a range of specialist services for travelers with disabilities, such as wheelchair assistance, priority boarding, and pre-boarding assistance.

Jet2 also offers a range of other services to ensure that passengers with disabilities have a comfortable journey.

How easy is it to book a flight with this airline?

Booking a flight with Jet2 is easy and convenient.

Customers can book flights online, via the Jet2 app, or by calling the customer service team.

The booking process is simple and straightforward, and customers can also take advantage of a range of special offers and discounts.

What is the airline’s on-time performance record?

Jet2 has an excellent on-time performance record.

According to the latest figures, the airline has a punctuality rate of over 90%, meaning that more than nine out of ten flights arrive on time.

Jet2 also has a low cancellation rate, with only 0.2% of flights being canceled.

What is the airline’s on-time performance record?

Jet2 has an excellent on-time performance record.

According to the latest figures, the airline has a punctuality rate of over 90%, meaning that more than nine out of ten flights arrive on time.

Jet2 also has a low cancellation rate, with only 0.2% of flights being canceled.

Does Jet2 have a good safety record?

Jet2 has an excellent safety record.

The airline has a fleet of over 100 aircraft and has been operating for over 20 years.

Jet2 has achieved a perfect safety record with no serious incidents or fatalities reported in its history.

The airline has also been recognized by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) for its commitment to safety and operational excellence.

What is Jet2’s policy for lost or damaged luggage?

Jet2 has a comprehensive policy for lost or damaged luggage.

The airline will reimburse passengers for the cost of any lost or damaged items, up to a maximum of £1,000.

Passengers must report any lost or damaged items to the airline within 24 hours of the flight.

Jet2 will also provide assistance to passengers who need to purchase essential items while their luggage is being located.

How extensive is Jet2’s route network?

Jet2 operates over 200 routes across the UK, Europe, and North Africa.

The airline has a fleet of over 100 aircraft and flies to over 70 airports in more than 30 countries.

Jet2 also offers seasonal flights to popular holiday destinations such as Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Greece.

Does Jet2 have any partnerships with other airlines or hotel chains?

Yes, Jet2 has a number of partnerships with other airlines and hotel chains.

The airline has codeshare agreements with a number of airlines, including Air France, KLM, and Lufthansa.

Jet2 also has partnerships with several hotel chains, such as Accor Hotels and Hilton Hotels & Resorts.

These partnerships allow passengers to book flights and accommodation through the Jet2 website.

Final Thoughts

Overall, my experience with Jet2 as an airline was excellent.

An alternative airline to consider is TUI Airways, as both airlines operate as holiday/vacation airlines.

Here is a helpful video review.

The staff was friendly, helpful, and accommodating.

The planes were clean and well-maintained, and the in-flight entertainment was top-notch.

The flights were comfortable and on time, and the prices were competitive.

I would definitely recommend Jet2 to anyone looking for an affordable, reliable, and enjoyable airline experience.