Welcome to our website for aviation enthusiasts!

We are a group of people who, ever since we can remember, have been fascinated by flying. We have always been fascinated by the beauty of flying, from watching airplanes take off and land at our neighborhood airport as children to researching the technology and physics of flight as adults.

Note: We have no connection to the airline Green Airlines, which used to own this domain. They let it expire when they ceased operations.

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Due to our education and work history, we feel qualified to speak about aviation. We have years of experience in the aviation sector, working in positions like air traffic control and aircraft maintenance.

We now have a deeper understanding of the science underlying flying thanks to those who have pursued formal education in engineering or aeronautics and obtained degrees and certificates in these fields.

Our mission is to create a community for aviation enthusiasts where they can share their love of flying.

We’re particularly interested in the sustainability of air travel given the impact that it has on the environment.

On our website, we plan to provide a variety of educational articles of interest to other aviation enthusiasts.

We have something on our website for everyone, whether you are an experienced pilot or are just beginning to learn about aviation. We even talk about baggage allowances!

Happy flying and thanks for stopping by!